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While there have been some significant advances in what web browsers can do, there is still something very wrong with the way the world wide web functions today.

Any developer comfortable using gui toolkits such as QT or wxWidgets, may have had a similar feeling when making a web application:

Why, oh why, are we still using TEXT markup language to define how a website looks, which has now evolved from being almost purely text only, with here and there an image, to full-fledged gui’s similar to desktop applications.

– warning –
Some not-very-well thought-out brainstorming follows below
– warning –

With the inflow of “new” web technologies to make web applications more interactive, we have reached a point where we are totally abusing the text markup languages out there (HTML,XHTML,CSS,etc…) to create GUI’s that really SHOULD be made using GUI toolkits.

Sure, you could use flash, or some fancy javascript library to make things easier, but there is problems with that.

When using javascript, in the end the browser is still trying to render everything using technology intended for text markup, not GUI’s.

When using flash, you are using a technology within a technology within a technology ( an applet within a *HTML page within a browser….) that also happens to be proprietary, managed by one corporate entity, instead of an open standards committee, etc,…

I don’t feel that a browser plugin is the way to fix this problem. It feels like embedding a desktop application inside a word document. It just doesn’t feel right.

What I’d like to see, is a reinvented concept of a ‘web page’, where the ‘page’ or application can either run inside or outside of the web browser (directly launched from the “start menu” or cli or whatever you like to use to launch applications). The code would not be executed on your machine, but instead you would be running some kind of a service that provides gui rendering capabilities to the application running on the ‘web server’. Similar to how an X-server has X-clients (gui applications) running on it. There could be applications that act as search engines, just like now we have web pages that act as search engines.
Developing for the web should feel like developing any other gui application, since in the end, these days, that’s what you’re making!

I think we should stop extending our text markup languages, and start anew with a gui standard/language/layer.

The current markup stuff could run inside the outer GUI layer, NOT the other way around like it is now.


I never felt the urge to write any of my thoughts, findings or experiences on the web in a “web log” (the b-word must die!).

Writing never was something I was good at, and I’m still not a word-wizard. My communication skills suck, and I’m quite “anti-social” when it comes to communicating in words with other humans.

Thus, naturally, I felt that writing should be left to those that are good at it.

So, what happened?

Well, nothing. I still feel the same way. But for a very long time now, some people have been bugging me to write down some things about my server administration and development adventures.

Of course I stubbornly refused, as I usually do. But the drip that flooded the bucket was my wife repeatedly telling me that she has no clue what the heck I do all day long.

So I guess I will try to write something here from time to time, provided everyone is aware of the following disclaimer:

Anything you read here is by no means a reflection, relation or indication of my opinion and/or state of mind. Some things may just be completely wrong and false.

Any piece of information being broadcasted from the human mind, thought, opinion or explanation, will almost always have been outdated even by the time the communication has completed. This is a dynamic universe, not a static one, so if I say xyz is such and so, by the time you read it, it is likely that I already think otherwise. And even if I didn’t, your interpretation of it will probably be no where near what it was in my  ‘reality’.  Any statement is of no value at all, and all this text is completely pointless. :)